AND, 2: Dust Devil

The second track on AND is Dust Devil, a dynamic instrumental performed with guitar, bass and drums. It stayed pretty much the same as when it was recorded for a Naviar Haiku project earlier this year.

The haiku above was about Mars but the image I had in mind was the desolate landscape of the planet. The funky intro riff was something I wanted to use, so I began imagining watching that dusty landscape and arrived at thinking about a whirly-whirly.

I can see a cloud of dust dancing to this track, kinda erratic in the distance at first but then thrashing about around you.

It was tempting to add distortion to the guitar near the end of the track but the cymbals seemed blistering enough. I think I probably would've done more to develop this track if there hadn't been an issue with the files. As it is it's fun enough, so I just worked on EQing it to sound okay in the car stereo.

Actually, one of the biggest learning curves while mastering AND was listening to the album in the car. Suddenly I realised the inaccuracies in my studio monitor speakers, particularly in reproducing lower frequencies.