Disquiet Junto 0521 Cannon Canon

I've gone on a tangent but it was fun and gave me a reason to try recording at different frame rates.

Disquiet Junto 0520 On the Clock


Recorded this song earlier in the week and it felt close, but not complete.

When I started I thought I'd edit the shape a bit, but as I listened it seemed to have a good structure.

There were definitely bits where the drums needed to drop out though and it took a while to consider filtering them out.

Then I added some reverb and delay for movement, before trying to add effects for a similar visual result.

Great to see Mary


naviarhaiku414 – grim wartime relics

This haiku shared by Naviar Records was reason to record my jam with the gated guitar rig.

Jazz fusion track

Disquiet Junto 0519 Looking Glass Remix

This is my 300th video for the Disquiet Junto and it remixes material from around the time I started following their prompts.

It was 2012 and I was about a year into my project to remix Leeton's playgrounds for the town's centenary.

I'd quit my job and was following the one idea I thought was good.

It's funny but this is one of a couple of attempts at Junto projects before properly joined when I published the Tanku remix.

Then I started producing video responses to the Junto prompts with number 100, which was driven by disillusionment with Soundcloud.

One observation is the workflow is a lot quicker to produce a video now, particularly thanks to Ableton Live's video editing capabilities and my 2019 model Mac Mini.

I made a dubstep track and that seems suitably 2012.

This video was largely produced using Live and took less than a day using the raw recordings, whereas I think the earlier Enticknap Park track took a few days to complete.

Every time