Disquiet Junto 130 Filtered Melody

The Disquiet Junto this week involved filtering a loop as a way to develop a composition. I tried a couple of responses and have posted videos for both below.

My first attempt was gated and reverberated, shaping a composition of increasing snippets from the loop. It worked well with the bell-like chimes from a recording made at an art-making session on the north coast of NSW last weekend.

The video shows Mike and Keith tapping steel canisters to produce the tones.

My second attempt concentrated on using a filter to shape the frequencies of the recording, sliding from low to high to low again as reverb feedback increases. This produced a fade in, out, in and out again while the reverb has a descending feedback.

Disquiet Junto 128 One Year Ago

The Junto this week asked for a soundtrack to accompany reading text from a year ago. This is a bit of rushed recording as I've been parenting solo over the weekend.

I looked at my ShowcaseJase blog to see what I'd been writing about and found a piece on the Richardson family sword.

The bass riff is one I've been jamming on and occasionally recording since the funeral for my cousin Chris, mentioned in this piece. I think about him often while making music as it's an activity he encouraged, buying me my first bass guitar.

Disquiet Junto 127 Library Shhh

Leeton Shire Major Dooley Library
won an award a couple of years ago for their Saturday morning story program. When I read the Junto this week I wanted to share one of their readings.

There was a small audience this week but I recognised one of the kids and know the librarian Sandra, who I hope will excuse me recording her without seeking permission.

The short track loops parts of the recording to create drums and drones and a vocal loop.

Beck breaks

20 tracks by Beck for a new Ninja Tune Forum Seven Minute Mix project. I focus on the WTF? moments and key changes from funkier songs. Beck's production is really hot, both in terms of levels and exciting content. I like his collage approach.