Korg volcas

Still playing with my Korg Volcas and happy with the bass sound from the Keys.

I've taken a couple of samples from the MIDI of an old pop song, then played with the drums to get them through the Percussion unit.

Disquiet Junto 0591 The Loneliest Number

Disquiet Junto Project this week is to "record the first third of a trio."

It's become an annual prompt and I've used different instruments, so as I looked around and pondered the Moog DFAM seemed a good choice.

I like that the tempo is so varied that it needs to be used as a textural sound more than an electronic drum track.

The patch uses the Make Noise CTRL to drive the clock via a sequencer going back and forth.

You can also hear the Subharmonicon in the distance on the righ channel, since I didn't think it was right for the DFAM to be lonely.

Ethan Hein on funk

"Funk works best when the musicians subsume their egos into the groove."

Disquiet Junto 0590 Concrète Roots

The Disquiet Junto asks participants to "Combine field recordings and feedback in the development of an original track."

Time was running out in more ways than one, but I wanted to use my Bastl Thyme unit although the deadline for the Junto had passed.

Today is Anzac Day, a public holiday that gave me opportunity to position a Rode NT4 microphone in doorway and record sounds from a couple of young families in my street.

Disquiet Junto 0589 Auto Play

The assignment is to "Automate something manual" and it arrived at the correct moment.

This week I've been playing in Ableton Live and trying to make something musical.

Today I made a drum loop and then recorded a bass part, before making a couple of other recordings using the M-Tron VST.

They sounded harmonically interesting but the playing was scattered since I'd used the computer keyboard and have almost zero keyboard skills, aside from touch-typing.

Anyway, I read the Junto prompt and decided to add arpeggiation to every track -- except the drums, which got an Automaton effect.

Then I went looking for a video in the public domain about automation and the result seems kinda cool.

Disquiet Junto 0588 Swell Time

The Junto this week asks for surf music.

My mind went to Valla Beach, where I wish I was holidaying.

Then I remembered a song that was prompted by a haiku about a beach and thought I should revisit it.

The Penny Effect

One of the best things about making video for other people is when I get to soundtrack the resulting production.

So it was with The Penny Effect, which was made about three years ago and has now been premiered at the local gallery.

It will now be a permanent exhibit and I like that my music will be playing for days.