Disquiet Junto Nofi Thriller

Wow, the live session by Jeffrey Melton that my collaboration above comes from is really something else. Read the Disquiet Junto info for the link. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it today and spent a lot of time playing bass along to it. It was difficult to settle on a section to record but thought this bassline had more variations than the others.

While playing bass to the Nofi recording, I rediscovered that it's a great instrument for implying chord changes by shifting root note. So I jammmed from F# into A, D and E, ending up with the riff I play after Thriller drops.

There's an overdubbed bass at the beginning that's repeated later. I was trying to come up with a melody but thought these notes sounded like Tortoise. It's a bit muddy but hopefully adds more interest.

P.S. -- Have a listen to the drumming Lee Rosevere has added to this posthumous collaboration. Wow!

Here's the Drop

Hahaha Happy April Fools Day Soundcloud :)