Kydd upright bass

Last year I resolved not buy new instruments and failed.

This year I've also failed.

However, I've also got a very nice bass for a fraction of the retail price.


Naviarhaiku216 – Looking up

The haiku shared by Naviar this week reminded me of another song, so I adapted the lyrics to reflect my Burning Seed romance.

Bass didn't feel right

Disquiet Junto 0321 Let’s Active

The Junto this week is more prescriptive than usual, with directions including instrumentation and tempo.

I quickly came up with a chord progression on the ukulele and then improvised an accompaniment on the glockenspiel.

The key is C so I could just think about hitting the white glocks.

This is Bill

Disquiet Junto 0318 Linear Training

The Disquiet Junto this week asks for a composition drawn from a single tone.

At first I was challenged trying to think of a tone, then it took a few attempts to find one I liked.

After a day I settled on a video of my son playing a concrete marimba-like instrument outside the Questacon.

In Live I looped the F note, which was a bit shorter than the five seconds recommended.

I explored pitching it and shifting the loops to play at various intervals, as well as gating the recording.

Before long I'd developed a simple melody that grew as loops joined it.

Below you can hear where the tone came from.

Four years later