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Disquiet Junto 0486 Earths Days

The Disquiet Junto activity this week is to "Record a piece of music or sound celebrating Earth Day for or as if on another planet."

I had an idea to generate a piece of music from a recording of this xylophone I like in Griffith.

After playing around with the samples for a couple of hours, I feel like I've admitted defeat.

So the title refers to the graffiti I've seen that says "Earth without art is eh"!

When you get a good song in your head

How to make wind organs

Twelve years ago I published a video showing wind organs and 'the wires' atop a hill outside Wagga Wagga.

Over the last decade it has attracting more views than most of my favourite clips, as well as comments.

One request was for details on how to make wind organs, which is easier for me to detail than how to make 'the wires' as that instrument was made by Alan Lamb.

Anyway, I know it's late but I recorded a short tutorial video and am pleased to see the wonderful CDM website thought it was interesting too.

This piece is called 'Anxiety'

Disquiet Junto 0485 Strange Weather

The Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to "Remix the pure sounds of Chris Kallmyer’s traveling wind chimes to your own musical purposes."

The title "Strange Weather" brought to mind a story I shared at my Good Friday screening, which details the Earth's first ice age.

Remembering that I had video of my reading, I set to remixing Kallmyer's wind chimes by lazily reversing the recording and let the glorious Valhalla Shimmer reverb do the heavy lifting.

Hey man

Music for The Lost World



Disquiet Junto 0484 A Movable Heart

The Junto project this week is relatively straightforward and involves recording a recording of a wind chime.

The wind chime was shared by Chris Kallmyer, who had loaned it to families in LA during quarantine.

My recording comes from the living room of the house where I'm holidaying at Valla Beach.

You can see some of my son, who was playing Minecraft, and hear my partner clicking on her laptop, as well as the noise from the beach that I'd hoped would be more prevalent. 

Towards the end I had the idea to accompany the wind chimes with my ukulele.

How to hurt a musician

Disquiet Junto 0483 Type Set

The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants "to use a recording of yourself typing something as the underlying rhythmic track for a piece of music."

I recorded myself at the typewriter on Good Friday, then packed my ukulele to quickly record a piece of music while on holiday.