Disquiet Junto 0587 Sour Mash

The Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to "Let something go out of tune."

Because I've been busy, I wanted to use an existing recording and my mind went to the washing line.

I recorded this extended squeak for Junto assignment number 356 and remembered it was dissonant but had forgotten how short my hair was back then!

To really get it out of tune I transposed it in Ableton Live, then recorded myself playing a bass part with a synth along with a drum loop.

For a bit more interest I added chance and delay to the drums, as well as an arpeggiator to the bass.

Organ Donor at Burning Seed

Burning Seed, the NSW Burning Man event, happened last weekend and I got a grant to build a collection of wind organs. 

Organ Donor was the name for the collection and came with a message in the program about donating organs to save lives.


Something about the handwriting on this radio appeals to me, but there's also that lovely blue mesh.

Disquiet Junto 0585 F9

When I saw the prompt to fastforward a piece, I thought it'd work best with a very slow track.

The slowest track I have is the 10bpm track from Junto 299, then I noticed a couple of beats at 83 (397) and 84 (429).

My track ended up at 90bpm.

There was a bit of pitch adjustment in Ableton Live, but I decided to push through with the idea.

Not sure what happened in the bit where the drums both drop out.

DIY Limiter


naviarhaiku479 – Summer night

The haiku shared by Naviar Records prompted me to layer the takes from a recent recording session.

Billy no

Disquiet Junto 0584 Generations

The Junto prompt this week stirred a lot of thought about music I liked when I was younger.

In the end I'd repurposed a piece of music from countless childhoods and brought to it an instrument that stirred a child-like wonder for me. 

I also reflected on sequenced and performed music.

My idea was to create a separate but complementary piece that ran independent, then I noticed afterwards how I'd adjusted the number of bars to suit the sequenced music from the clock.

I forgot 3-03 day

Vocal mixing


Disquiet Junto 0583 Wall to Wall

The Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to "Use a building as a filter."

It's kinda hot at home this weekend and I've a lot of work to do, so I wasn't sure I would have time to record a piece.

Then I remembered an earlier Junto that involved recording from an adjacent room, as well as another that imagined a doorbell.

While I was looking for those, I found a couple of Junto that involved another sort of muffled approach in wearing cotton gloves.

Anyway, it all sort of made sense at the time, so I made a remix from my tracks for Juntos 115, 174, 253 and 289.