Their Unfailing Test from abre ojos on Vimeo.

New work from my friend Abre Ojos, see more HAXAN at his website.

Everything makes music

Lovely sentiment. Sometimes kids books really stoke their sense of wonder.

From the book Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees.

Bloody kids

Took my old monitors to Burning Seed so I could play DJ in the Kids Camp and found someone pushed my speaker dome in.

Great idea for Korg

Please make it so.

Kicked to death

Found a dead spider on my kick drum. I like to think my kick was powerful enough to kill but it was probably my smelly feet.

It's not the first time a spider has been attracted to my music gear.

Intergalactic effects

Spotted these Star Wars-themed pedals on Ebay. Neat.

Another promising boutique effect pedal on Ebay is this one:

Talking Machine

A few months ago I posted a video of a theremin through a Talking Machine pedal, which made me want to try one. Seeing as the Australian dollar has been punching above its weight, I decided now was the time and I recommend Mad Ape on Ebay for superior service -- not only did the pedal ship quickly from the US but they included an Australian power adapter. Fantastic service!

Haven't given it much of a go yet but it sounds amazing on bass guitar, great variety of filters ranging from fuzzy wah through to vowel-y and classic funky sounds.

See Audio Technology this month

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