Whatever will beep, will beep.

Just occurred to me this is a great title for a collection of circuit bent tunes. Que sera sera :)

Circuit bent dub

Was sorely tempted when this circuit bent omnichord was for sale on Ebay earlier this year. This is a great demo and Squid Fanny has others showing their tasty bends.

The function of music

Saw the above photo on Facebook, dunno where it comes from but I like the message. Another interpretation of the function of music comes from this marimba packaging I photographed:

Today I know

Great cover of The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows by Junior Parker, whose name I first noticed while watching The Chemical Brothers' Don't Stop but I didn't realise it was that Tomorrow Never Knows until I googled.

Wrote about Tomorrow Never Knows earlier this year because it's one of the tracks that really cements The Beatles ongoing influence on generations of musicians.

This mash-up is also kinda cool:

Tomorrow Never Knows by ethanhein

Female = alien?

Ever wonder what an alien would sound like? Apparently they sound female!

Fun pedal but it sounds more like T-Pain or Cher on my voice. I'll give it a go on my theremin next.

Wicked drummer

From the book Ben's Trumpet by Rachel Isadora.

For 100 Years exhibition in Leeton

My local newspaper The Irrigator has a great pic with their article on my exhibition at The Roxy Art Space this month. Read about the For 100 Years multimedia exhibition at their site.

I seem to have given the newspaper the wrong link to the album For 100 Years and the EP of remixes And Another 100 Years, click on these titles to find them.

Here are a few pics from the exhibition:

Contact mic performance

Posted about the Uncovered event at Wagga Art Gallery a month ago but I thought I'd draw attention to this performance by Vic McEwan.

I like his use of contact microphones to turn this sculpture into an instrument with liberal application of delays and phasing. When I was editing the sound I noticed how the audience's applause at the end sounds like a reprise as the vibrations trigger the effects.

Vic also used contact mics during his Hook performance in August, although they're a bit lost in the video because I only had audio from my Rode VideoMic and it captured more of the hammer hits acoustically.

A video of galactic proportions

Mash-up I made using a video by NASA and a tune by Antonio Sanciolo, who tells me this was the imagery he had in mind when he wrote the song. The idea to merge the two was a direction from BoingBoing.net

And Another 100 Years

DVD nears completion

Le Rondo Des Sirènes video

Earlier this year I remixed Le Rondo Des Sirènes by Joachim De Lux.

Recently I got an underwater camera and my pool pass for the season and the track lends itself to the footage so I made a video. It's nothing flash, there's no editing but I like the cool blue fluid shapes and air bubbles accompanying a fluid, bubbly sorta track.

Prince Charles' Harmony

My mum suggests I share an interest with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and sent this quote from Harmony, the book he wrote with Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly:

According to a famous Middle Eastern folk tale Pythagoras was one day walking past a blacksmith's workshop when he heard the sounds of different hammers pounding the anvil. Mostly they just made a noise but every so often he noticed they fell into a sequence that produced something special.

When he went inside he discovered that the hammers were all of different sizes and when he measured them, all but one had a particular mathematical relationship. If these hammers struck the anvil in sequence, the notes they produced had a harmony to them. This was because one turned out to be half the weight of the biggest, another was two-thirds the weight and the next was four-fifths the size of the largest hammer.

 In this way Pythagoras is thought to have defined the octave and how it relates to the third and the perfect fifth. These are the key musical intervals that, for centuries, dictated the entire grammar of Western tonality.

Sounds like Pythagoras had a miraculous agitation!