Disquiet Junto 0411 Wrapped Up

The Junto this week prompted me to finish a song I wrote last year.

'Wild at Heart' tells the story of how I met my partner.

Taylor Swift writes

Disquiet Junto 0410 Op Audio

The Disquiet Junto this week asks:

What does the sonic equivalent of Op Art sound like?

I'd been considering adding delay to something and then, while sitting in a yoga class, had the idea of a tap dripping.

I've added reverb to give a sense of the room growing bigger.

Disquiet Junto 0409 Spooky 3.0

The Junto this week has a Halloween theme, asking for something that makes spooky music spookier.

It reminded me of the breathing sounds in Doom and how much atmosphere they added to the game.

So I've recorded myself and added that to a track built from bowed cymbals and things that might go bump in the night (except it was Friday afternoon).