naviarhaiku242 – The pine shadow falls on the tent wall

The haiku shared by Naviar this week led me to think about Burning Seed.

Tents and shrines both feature at the event.

My friend Alicia wrote a beaut poem about Seed recently and I tried putting it to the song but wasn't satisfied with the result.

The song uses many of the samples from my previous Naviar response.

Often I find that it's productive to rework earlier material and these samples are a mix of ukulele and tambourine from a Junto earlier this year, with playground samples I revisited for a recent Junto.

naviarhaiku241 – Nightfall

For Naviar's haiku this week I've added timelapse footage from Ulupna Island.

I had to look around my files for a video that showed a branch at sunrise, which I've inverted and reversed so that it might look like a big stick at nightfall.

Originally I'd planned to edit together the snippets of the videos that were sampled for the track but the drums wouldn't export from Ableton Live.

Disquiet Junto 0346 Drum Machinations

The Junto this week involves sampling the drum sounds provided by participants last week.

I've used the drums recorded by Mzero and then added an 808 to the sounds of my dishes from Junto 323.

My track came together quickly in Ableton Live after I began sequencing a groove with Mzero's hits.

The dishes are always waiting and came to hand when I went looking for a video to add.

The effect of music

Disquiet Junto 0345 Sample Time

The Junto this week ask we make our own drum machine sounds and then make something of them.

My sounds come from 2011-13, when I was recording playgrounds in and around Leeton for the centenary of the town.

It's been interesting to revisit those productions, hearing how my skills have developed but also remembering how interesting the sounds were from those unlikely musical instruments.

A few of the sounds have been repitched and I seem to have made an error somewhere, as I used the same sound from a swing seat a few times.

The video is a little glitchy in places but Ableton Live has handled the short edits better than expected.