Disquiet Junto 0191 Held Chord

I really enjoyed hearing the result of this Junto, where the idea was to use a single chord across multiple instruments.

I cheated, I think. My result used a MIDI'd chord and sampled instruments but I really liked hearing the chord progress seamlessly through a baker's dozen playing E.

The idea was that the range of the instrument would determine the order. I ended up recording the parts and then arranging them by ear.

Braille machine duet

Video made from footage collected at the RealArtWorks Nothing Is Useless camp outside Wagga earlier this month. Results will be exhibited at Wagga Art Gallery later this year.

Disquiet Junto 0189 Tone Layer

After having a break I felt a bit rusty getting back to the Junto but the assignment this week wasn't too demanding.

I decided to record the bass guitar but soon found I had to create very short loops to sustain the tones. The notes were going to be in the key of A but once in Live I dropped the root down six steps.

The rumbling bit was good, I'd like more of that. But, in hindsight, I wish I'd used a different instrument. I think human voice would've been better, as I always enjoy making vocal drones for Juntos -- although I rarely end up using those tracks on the albums I compile.