naviarhaiku521 – basking


The haiku shared by Naviar Records spoke to me, specifically the line about "my trashy hut" as it could describe my home studio!

So I recorded the track I've been jamming on this week.

Disquiet Junto 0626 Audio Journal 2023

The final Disquiet Junto prompt each year has been an opportunity to survey one’s media and it’s always fascinating to see the scenes thrown together. 

It’s a great insight into what participants have been making outside of the Junto too. 

So I was disappointed to see my 2023 seemed quieter than previous years (and here I note this is my ninth video response to the Audio Journal prompt). 

 I can spot there were many visits to material from previous years, as well as reusing recordings through successive projects. 

At first it disappointed me to see there were no videos published on my Youtube in June, then I remembered that was the month that my partner had pneumonia and the Ngurambang exhibition opened in Griffith. 

That was hectic! 

Other highlights not captured here include an exhibition about Murray Cod, winning the “Champion Exhibit” award in a local art competition and being commended for a short story. 

All the best for the new year and I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ve been recording this year, cheers.

naviarhaiku520 – Winter sky


The haiku shared by Naviar prompted me to plug in my Moogs and play around.

They sound rich, so I find myself just grooving along and enjoying what follows.

I am hoping to get better at programming the sequencer, as the MIDI inputs don't trigger everything.

Straight out the shoe box


Disquiet Junto 0625 Noise Ceiling


The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants to imagine the sound of the room in a photo.

I looked at the pic and in the other room my son was cooking an apple pie in a halogen oven, so I thought it sounded appropriate.

Disquiet Junto 0624 Fresh Pair


The Disquiet Junto project this week asks participants to combine a couple of influences.

I'd been playing with a melody that reminded me of the gargle of a wattle bird, then arrived at giving it an accompaniment that I found kinda jazzy.

(Admittedly, jazzy for me lately is electric piano and pizzicato double bass samples.)

Then I added more electronic elements and thought it sounded like early Senor Coconut.

And, before long, I was imagining the winter that Uwe Schmidt spent in Melbourne before he moved to Santiago.

Then I wondered if he had a lonely afternoon jamming with a wattle bird.

naviarhaiku517 – Early dawn’s pale light


The haiku shared by Naviar Records had a line about a "gentle start to the day" and the weather has been warming up here.

It's heading toward a maximum of 40 and that gentle moment feels brief, as the sunlight begins to bite from the first direct beam.

So I tried to convey a sense of the day being brighter than expected.

Disquiet Junto 0622 Know the Shadow


The Disquiet Junto assignment asks "How do you depict a shadow in sound?"

It prompted a few thoughts for me, starting with the line that The Shadow knows the evil that lurks in hearts of men.

Then I reflected on the way shadow blocks light and thought it'd be interested if the sounds came from the edges, so I explored panning and tilting and compression artefacts.

Finally I realised that I had an example of shadowboxing if I used the two takes I'd recorded on the drums.