Last Christmas

Last Christmas by bassling

Here's a cover of the Wham classic I recorded in '93 and have been sharing every festive season since. Enjoy!

Yamaha RM1x

This baby really is full of techno. As well as gabba, breaks, trance and house.

Yamaha manufactured the RM1x during the mid to late 1990s and IMO this was the golden age of electronic dance music.

From big beat to trip-hop, the dub-influenced Leftfield through to the unique aesthetic of Boards of Canada. Basically from 1993 to 1998, some of my favourite albums were released.

The RM1x reflects a lot of this period but, more importantly, the period reflects a bit of the RM1x. As you go through the presets you find many sequences which sound very familiar from tracks as well as advertising.