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Disquiet Junto 0621 The Leftovers

The Junto prompt arrived as I was wondering if I had useful bits from recording last weekend. 

 That session built on the drums I'd played for the recent 0619 project, but felt like I was cheating since I didn't use material from another contributor. 

So that became a Naviar track and now this feels like the material has returned to the Disquiet fold. 

Last night I took an alternative drum performance (notably it lacked the triplet part), as well as two ukulele recordings and added them to the bass part. 

Then this morning I edited out one bit that didn't seem to gel, so there's a little jump but it probably blends in with the other edits.

I'm here to tune your guitar


naviarhaiku515 – Last bloom before autumn


The haiku shared by Naviar this week was an opportunity to jam with myself.

While the seasonal reference didn't gel with the summer temperatures we've been having in Leeton, the line about a sibling did -- since I'd recently spoken with mine.

Disquiet Junto 0619 Beat Accrual


The Junto instructions this week is to accrue a beat over time.

It seemed obvious to record the drums, which are sitting in the living room while my son rehearses for a music assessment.

naviarhaiku513 – a black dog


The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week prompted me to think how transformation is central to music-making.

So I took the MIDI information and played it through a collection of Roland Boutique sound modules in the studio I've set up in my caravan.

Paper scissors

Disquiet Junto 0618 Burying the Lede

The Disquiet Junto assignment is to "Turn old news into new music."

I searched Trove for an article about Griffith from 50 years ago.

The Bulletin was a journal that ran for over a century and a story mentioning Griffith appeared as soon as I search the Trove database for a publication from 1973. 

However, this "local" story appeared to be linked only to the name Griffith, the rest seemed to be discussing the left-leaning factions across the Australian political landscape. 

I took the Mac's text-to-speech software into Matriarch via an oscillator input, then jammed with the Mood Sound Studio. 

It gets satisfyingly loud toward the end. 

At the time it made sense since I've been looking at another copy of The Bulletin in Griffith, but that printed copy came from 1899 or so and sits in an old homestead which was used as a film set this week.


Not all heroes