Disquiet Junto 0618 Burying the Lede

The Disquiet Junto assignment is to "Turn old news into new music."

I searched Trove for an article about Griffith from 50 years ago.

The Bulletin was a journal that ran for over a century and a story mentioning Griffith appeared as soon as I search the Trove database for a publication from 1973. 

However, this "local" story appeared to be linked only to the name Griffith, the rest seemed to be discussing the left-leaning factions across the Australian political landscape. 

I took the Mac's text-to-speech software into Matriarch via an oscillator input, then jammed with the Mood Sound Studio. 

It gets satisfyingly loud toward the end. 

At the time it made sense since I've been looking at another copy of The Bulletin in Griffith, but that printed copy came from 1899 or so and sits in an old homestead which was used as a film set this week.