Dylan goes electric

naviarhaiku271 – The heart is a fool

It was while nearing the end of recording the largest playable guitar in Australia that the haiku shared by Naviar Records arrived.

It's been a while between haikus but when I saw it was Lee Rosevere, I decided to improvise a quick response as the mics were already set up.

Australia's largest playable guitar

This week I'm realising a dream to record this unique instrument located in the Narrandera Visitor Information Centre.

Thanks to support from Narrandera Shire Council, Western Riverina Arts and Regional Arts NSW with funding through the Community Art Support Program offered the NSW Government.

Disquiet Junto 0375 Despite Yourself

The Junto this week asks for "a piece of music that sounds as unlike you as you can accomplish."

I considered a couple of options before settling on the idea of reimagining a song I wrote last year.

'Closer to Knowing' was inspired by the dream mentioned in the lyrics, as well as a couple of blog posts by women I know.

To get my vocals to sound unlike my voice, I've pitched them up an octave.

It's interesting that it doesn't quite sound female, more like a man pretending to be a woman -- reminding me of Eric Idle in Monty Python films.

Below is the demo version of the song that I recorded last year.

Disquiet Junto 0374 Glitch Glitch

The Junto this week asks "what happens when you glitch something that’s been glitched?"

I took a recording I made of a song I wrote earlier this week, ran it through Glitchmachines' Hysteresis and then into my Rabbit Hole delay.

Don't mind me