Disquiet Junto 0544 Feedback Loop (Revisions)

This morning I suggested to Marc that it might be interesting to hear the tracks from the last Junto after participants had incorporated the suggestions from the community.

He agreed, although acknowledged the it couldn't be the next Junto project since it required prior engagement (and I think it's good the way the projects are open for anyone to join in).

I've gone back and reworked my track based on the following suggestions:

Apanmusic wrote:

"Really enjoyed the sounds at the very end. Perhaps that could be the basis of a mellow mid section?"

RPLKTR wrote:

"At 2:20 you’re fiddling with the drums and from then on the most interesting things happen in the track. This could start sooner, and then a comeback to the initial structure for a finale would make this track a winner. Now it disintegrates which isn’t entirely satisfying."

Tetkik.ve.tedavi wrote:

"The pad in the first half bothers me a bit for some reason (I think I intuitively want something smoother in its place.

Fakeg3nius wrote:

"I would introduce some variation on the drum/percussion."

In response I've changed the mix a bit and: 

  • put Beatrepeat on the drums;
  • brought forward the second pad;
  • started the arpeggiated synth from around 2.20, when it went into triplets, and;
  • repeated the chorus part from earlier as a finale.