Here's a little tune I wrote


naviarhaiku512 – Endless echo

The haiku shared by Marco this week is one that he wrote.

It surprised me to see it echoed one I wrote recently, as well as his account of cleaning his mother's place as that's the subject of a story that I began writing recently.

So I took the opportunity to record a jam on Moogs.

Disquiet Junto 0616 Definition Jam

The Disquiet Junto project this week asks participants to "render, through sound, the two different definitions" and explore the nuance in language.

I've been playing with a new synthsiser and thought I'd consider the definition of synthesis as "the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole."

So I've layered recordings of different patches on the synthesiser.

Disco Steve


naviarhaiku511 – in dark autumn nights

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week prompted me to start exploring ideas in the dark.

I wanted to use my new keyboard and thought reaching out to the moon would sound like rising delays, while the autumnal setting suggested F minor for fall.

It was light by the time I recorded, then I layered up the two takes that sounded best together.

naviarhaiku510 – in pre-dawn darkness


The haiku shared by Naviar this week is different than I remembered.

Thinking back I can see that I read it earlier in the week and then associated the scene it describes with one I wrote in a recent short story, where pre-dawn rain was making percussive sounds on scrap metal.

My haiku might be:

in pre-dawn darkness
metal makes percussive sounds
rainfall in junkyard

Anyway, that's what led me to record this piece.

This week I'm traveling and had a couple of hours with my nephew's drums.

I recorded them first, using the Rode mic that attaches to my Nikon camera.

Then I quickly put together a chord progression that would suit the C key of my tongue drum, then recorded a couple of takes on that instrument.

It would've been good to add a bass but the ukulele and tongue drum were the only instruments at hand.

Disquiet Junto 0614 Alternate Route

The Disquiet Junto this week prompted me to plug in a few previously unrecorded instruments.

This piece was composed in April, when I wrote a bunch of tracks and then had some computer problems.

I recently bought a Yamaha digital piano and used it with an Alesis SR-16 and Bastl Softpop 2.