The music in my earphones

Disquiet Junto 0553 Break That Cycle


The Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to "Record in a steady tempo but break it on occasion."

I've reworked an older track, taking the parts recorded on guitars and playing them through my Rolands.

You can also see the sound-activated visuals that I've been working with this week, ahead of inFREQUENCY.

Disquiet Junto 0552 The Radio in My Life

The Disquiet Junto this week asks "Record a piece of music that reproduces or otherwise suggests the sympathetic (i.e., non-intrusive) commingling of radio and everyday sound."

I've been listening to the classical radio station this year.

It started when I fatigued of hearing news headlines while driving to work.

One day I got frustrated with the repetitions of grabbed snippets, switched over to an instrumental and felt muscles relax across my brow.

When the Junto arrived I looked at the lightening sky and decided to use whatever was being broadcast after I got to Mark Taylor ovals.

Then I added subtle reverb and more birdsong.

That is a very nice looking CPU

Disquiet Junto 0551 The Bends

The Disquiet Junto assignment is to "Get less strict about something you’re strict about."

I decided to try an idea to randomly assemble lines of lyrics.

As part of my haiku-writing habit, I've collected five-syllable lines.

For this piece I printed them, then cut them out to pull from a box.

Bad Gear for birds

I love Florian Pilz' Bad Gear videos

So much that I've started making bad memes!

Disquiet Junto 0550 Abrupt Probability

The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants to "Devise a situation... that depicts randomness visually" and then to "Create an original piece of music that is an interpretation."

At least that's what I've taken from it, as I need to work in video due my own creative constraint established when I abandoned Soundcloud.

My situation depicts randomness as a lava lamp and involves using the random functions on the drum and bass machines to create an original piece of music.

I made a break in their rhythms each time the lava snapped, aside from an abrupt and random break early on.