Disquiet Junto 0372 Honeymoon Phase

The Junto this week asks for
a piece of music with (only) your most recently obtained instrument or music/sound tool.

This week I received my second Kaossilator, which are a synth with an XY controller.

They're going cheap since an updated version came out, and I had one of those but it wasn't as solid and broke quickly.

For the Junto I recorded for about 12 minutes, then spent an hour editing it back to a bit over 5 minutes.

The editing was done in Final Cut, which probably contributed to the time required.

You can see I layered a couple of earlier parts toward the end, and also repeated the drum loop without the bassline.

One drawback with the Kaossilator is the loops are short, which makes it tricky to incorporate a chord progression.

I want to be a musician

naviarhaiku266 – neon boulevard

Wasn't sure I'd respond to this haiku shared by Naviar Records.

It's a ripper but it wasn't until I remembered the footage from Christmas that I was moved to create a track.

That's the problem with using Youtube to publish music, I guess.

The music came together very quickly, repurposing a few minor chords.

Wish the video was more interesting but there aren't many neon lights in Leeton.

My knowledge of music theory

Disquiet Junto 0371 Concrete Ambience

The Disquiet Junto this week asks for music in the style of concrete wallpaper.

It prompted me to reply with a haiku that I think conveys the spirit of Junto projects.

Then I remembered the video I'd shot of my son playing a concrete xylophone outside the Questacon.

I'd sampled this video for a previous Junto but this track is more upbeat.

The concrete wallpaper is reflected in the sampled concrete and the repetitive pattern of the song, which loops once.

naviarhaiku265 – dark moon

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week brought to mind a song I wrote last year, Closer To Knowing.

I recorded this version quickly on the ukulele and expect there'll be a polished, proper version on my next album -- which will be called SING for the vocal-driven songs it'll contain.

Different Use

Great to be part of another Shinobi Cuts remix chain

It starts and ends with tracks by MDK, who was on the Spymania label (early home to Cassetteboy, Squarepusher and Jamie Lidell).

Shinobi Cuts is a nod to Ninja Tune. who used to have a forum on their website where these remix chains started early this century.