Disquiet Junto 0484 A Movable Heart

The Junto project this week is relatively straightforward and involves recording a recording of a wind chime.

The wind chime was shared by Chris Kallmyer, who had loaned it to families in LA during quarantine.

My recording comes from the living room of the house where I'm holidaying at Valla Beach.

You can see some of my son, who was playing Minecraft, and hear my partner clicking on her laptop, as well as the noise from the beach that I'd hoped would be more prevalent. 

Towards the end I had the idea to accompany the wind chimes with my ukulele.

How to hurt a musician

Disquiet Junto 0483 Type Set

The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants "to use a recording of yourself typing something as the underlying rhythmic track for a piece of music."

I recorded myself at the typewriter on Good Friday, then packed my ukulele to quickly record a piece of music while on holiday.

Disquiet Junto 0482 Exactly That Gap

Make a musical haiku following instructions from Marcus Fischer

You listen to a new song

Disquiet Junto 0481 Capsule Time

The Disquiet Junto activity this week asks for "something for yourself to listen to in the future."

I've been re-reading poetry I wrote last year and in late 2019, which recently led me to think about recording myself reading a few pieces aloud.

This piece is called 'Reflection' and discusses that process of recognising and resolving shadow aspects of the self.

I'm conscious that time shifts perspectives and I hope the things that seem overwhelming now will feel ridiculous and small in the future. 

However, I'm also aware that often it's re-reading old poetry that feels ridiculous.

Hopefully I'll be gentle on myself.

In some ways this feels like a companion piece for the moon video I made with my partner last year.

Disquiet Junto 0480 Ongsay Aftcray

For the Disquiet Junto activity this week I've revisited my track 'Buoyantly' from last year.

To give it a Pig Latin feel, I've edited snippets of the lead instrument at either ends of the phrases.