Bad Politics

Long Distance Dan brings his production skills to my rant about the NSW police state.

'Bad Politics' is likely to be on my next album, SING.

Loudest sounds on Earth

Disquiet Junto 0391 Front Page

The Junto assignment this week is to "Make music that fills in where the news trails off."

I've used the opening line of a story about a planned rose garden from the neighbouring city of Griffith, in part because I like the imagery.

This chord progression is one I've been strumming on my ukuleles recently, although I'm not entirely sure of the key -- it seems to go from A Minor to A Major in the chorus.

Anyway, it's been good to record it and consider how I might improve it.

Disquiet Junto 0390 Pace Quickens

The Junto this week asked for an old recording sped up, which led me to remember the 10 beats-per-minute composition for Junto 299.

This week I've also been playing with the sustained E minor chord for Junto 300, so I've added it too.

For good measure I've included drums.

Pretending to be in a music video like

Disquiet Junto 0388 Random Less

The Junto this week asks for "a single piece of music with very few tools, all selected at random."

I wrote a few lists of instruments and then rolled a dice to decide which I'd use.

The result was my baritone ukulele, upright electric bass and drums.

I already had a few chords in mind, but the four-fingered one and a small window to record led me to decide on arranging the parts in Live.

A few chords and phrases were recorded, then some drums at the tempo and I spent a little time on Friday night arranging the instruments in my laptop.

On Saturday morning I knew I'd only have a short amount of time to record the bass, as I was going to be in Matong and Wagga for the following nights.

I was stuck trying to figure out some of the root notes but had an idea the track's key is E minor/G major.

While I was waiting for my kids to wake up, I began programming a MIDI bass part and had an idea to use a 5/4 time signature so the bass would start on a different note each bar.

At first I wasn't sure it worked but it has grown on me.

Hopefully, when I return to listen to this track in a few days, I still like it.

If not, I can always rework the parts into something else.