Disquiet Junto 0388 Random Less

The Junto this week asks for "a single piece of music with very few tools, all selected at random."

I wrote a few lists of instruments and then rolled a dice to decide which I'd use.

The result was my baritone ukulele, upright electric bass and drums.

I already had a few chords in mind, but the four-fingered one and a small window to record led me to decide on arranging the parts in Live.

A few chords and phrases were recorded, then some drums at the tempo and I spent a little time on Friday night arranging the instruments in my laptop.

On Saturday morning I knew I'd only have a short amount of time to record the bass, as I was going to be in Matong and Wagga for the following nights.

I was stuck trying to figure out some of the root notes but had an idea the track's key is E minor/G major.

While I was waiting for my kids to wake up, I began programming a MIDI bass part and had an idea to use a 5/4 time signature so the bass would start on a different note each bar.

At first I wasn't sure it worked but it has grown on me.

Hopefully, when I return to listen to this track in a few days, I still like it.

If not, I can always rework the parts into something else.