Disquiet Junto 0417 Changes Tracker

This week the Junto asks for a sonic diary, so I've compiled a series of second-long samples from recordings made (or manipulated) this year.

A universe of music exploration

Disquiet Junto 0416 Time Laps

The Junto instructions this week outline a process of improvising parts, which are then reversed.

I decided to use some drums I'd recorded earlier as the first part.

After reversing those I recorded the chord progression on the electric ukulele, then turned to the bass.

By the time I reversed everything again, I'd gotten confused about the progression but managed to record a take when I stayed in key.

The result has moments that catch my ear, so I can see how this could be an interesting process for composition.

Korn played with corn

naviarhaiku310 – One push of the door, a single step

Just minutes before the bus brought my kids home from their last day of school for the year, I had an idea how to respond to the haiku shared by Naviar Records last week.

After finishing my response to the Disquiet Junto this week, I realised I'd stuffed it up.

So I wanted another crack at playing a C major scale at different paces, then layering the results.

And it seemed as though sitting at different points along the corridor at home would also evoke the poem.

Is this enough delay?

Disquiet Junto 0415 Seasonal Metal

The Disquiet Junto this week asks for "a piece of music that explores tinsel for its sonic properties."

I wanted something irritatingly plastic and repetitively layered that could be looped, so my attention turned to my latest keyboard -- which cost $3 at my local St Vinnies.

Disquiet Junto 0413 Objective Thankfulness

The Disquiet Junto this week requests we "highlight one piece of musical equipment for which you are particularly grateful."

The appropriate response was at hand, in the form of my recent remix of Spinks Park in Lismore.

I'd been invited into the Northern Rivers region to be part of The (Un)Usual with my friends at RealArtWorks.

Barcus Berry 4000: Planar Wave System pickup has been a part of my process for remixing playgrounds since 2012.

Thanks Barcus Berry, I know you pitch this product for pianos and harps but it helps me find music in everyday locations.

And thanks to the Disquiet Junto, this has been my 200th video in response to their creative prompts.