naviarhaiku544 – out of my dreams

The haiku shared by Naviar was troubling me for days, as I wanted to record but didn't feel it justified the poem.

This weekend I fitted a double-kick pedal to a bongo drum and tuned the bass banjo, then spent days jamming on riffs.

Eventually my partner ventured that it needed something and suggested the frog.


Disquiet Junto 0649 Concerto for [ ]


The Junto prompt led me to read a little about concerto and I got the impression that it's been one of those types of events where people have shown flair in ways. 

So I started pondering what I'd want to see given the solo performer treatment and pulled out my Omnichord thinking that I could finally write a song that showcased electric toothbrushes. 

Then I began to ponder my lead instrument and looked around a bit more, before arriving at the video of cowbells. These are near my office and sometimes I hear visitors using them. 

So I added a beat, as one does, then thought what sounds would support a cowbell solo?

naviarhaiku543 – rain on the cherry blossoms


The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week asked for something delicate, so I plugged in my Superego and added drones to the upright electric.

Disquiet Junto 0648 Shadow Boxing


The Junto project arrived as I was re-drafting a poem for the Campionato Mondiale di Umar. which goes with this sketch.

This competition has given me a focus on the rehabilitation of Griffith's auxillary water tank, as I've sketched it in various media as the scaffolding progressed to the current protective skin.

So the idea of shadow boxing seemed to be picking a musical fight. Today I assembled a scaffold of my own and hit the record button.

You can see I've used Behringer's 606 and 303 with Chase Bliss' Condor and Generation Loss pedals, as well as a Korg FM Volca and a Shure SM7.