Disquiet Junto 0651 Why Compute?

For the Disquiet Junto this week I've ramped up the chance in the Random effect for MIDI.

It was my response to this week’s prompt:

proposed by George E. Lewis, musician, music theorist, music professor at Columbia University, and artistic director of the International Contemporary Ensemble. Lewis is the composer-in-residence at this year’s Musikfestival Bern.

Lewis asks, “Why do we want our computers to improvise?”

This week’s project: record a piece of music that responds in some way to Lewis’ question.

I often use the Random effect, as it adds little variations to the loops I make.

Today I ramped the effect up to 100% and found that Ableton Live's onboard instruments started to crap themselves.

So I sent the information out to my Roland Boutique rack and recorded the results.

Dunno, weirdly it doesn't seem so unpredictable.

Maybe I should've shifted a few more parameters?