Squidfanny's Alesis HR-16

Posting this because I can see myself watching this beaut jam a few times. Lovely work on the Alesis drum machine, enjoying the squealchy sounds.

2012 in 60 seconds

One of the highlights of 2012 has been getting involved with the Disquiet Junto project, who this week posed an interesting exercise.

I've selected 12 five-second segments of recordings from throughout the year based on when different files were exported (which seems to be a bit different to some of the links below).

Here's some context for each section:

The year opened with me procrastinating on finishing my album For 100 Years, which ended up being released in July. On the day of internet protests about the SOPA I remixed a video which Google had alerted me to because it had something resembling Bassling in the title. It gave me a big buzz when the guy I remixed saw it.

This track was my third attempt at remixing Waipukurau Park and had been mostly completed in December when I edited the video but my files show I worked on it around this time although it probably wasn't finished until closer to July.

It's been maybe three years since my cousin Chris died but I still think about him often and this track is one example. Early in 2012 I had the idea of recording an EP of solo bass and I'd been thinking about Chris because he helped me buy my first bass and encouraged me to play it.

This comes from a short mix of Skunkhour tracks I put together around the time I posted about the mix of INXS tracks I made for the project, which was more popular so I'll post the video I made for it here.

A recording of a jam on circuit bent gear and guitar pedals that I titled as an Outkast cover on Youtube.

Another jam with circuit bent gear and guitar pedals, as well as bass and theremin.

2012 was a milestone year as a musician for me and this was a great month with the release of my fourth, fifth and sixth albums.

As well as a great article on my album in a national magazine, I was invited to improvise with some great Wagga Wagga musicians.

Finally able to distribute the mammoth three-hour immersive audio recording of 'the wires' I'd finished in 2010. Dunno what people will make of it, I deliberately didn't master it so that it'd be background noise but that's probably part of how I experienced this otherworldly instrument.

A recording of a Fisher Price clock using my new contact mic.

This Dinosaur Park remix was one I mastered for...

Another 100 Years, an EP of remixes I released to coincide with my exhibition, which followed on from the album. The track heard here is actually the first park remix I made at Waipukurau Park in 2011.

Seems I'm back in a slump again but hope to finish my For 100 Years DVD. The audio here comes from one of the remixes I'm working on using the DVD cover/instrument developed for the release.

Great mixes of 2012

Here are some of the mixes I've enjoyed this year:
  1. Four Tet's Conference of the Birds -- also this mix from Boiler Room
  2. Doc Delay's Beastie Boys Tribute mix -- also this Paul's Boutique mix
  3. Tom Bonaty's Smoke Machine podcast
  4. Stompin' To The 90's by Long Distance Dan
  5. Nadja Lind's Chillout Dub Mix 
  6. Headphone Commute Back to Mine Mix
  7. DJ Rupture's Change the Mood mix
A late contender is Old Apparatus' PlayGround mix, which is pretty great too. And I also like Jamie XX's Boiler Room mix.

And I've been enjoying revisiting a bunch of great artists via the mixes at http://hurroooooooo.blogspot.jp/ -- particularly the Plaid, Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert.

Happy listening in 2013!

More from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

Spotted a couple more boutique pedals on Ebay this morning from the guy inspired by Star Wars who I mentioned earlier. These are the Rogue Leader above and the Thermal Detonator below.

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Disquiet Junto Project 0050: -…….–.-..-…-
This week’s project explores invokes Morse Code for its rhythmic content. The instructions are as follows: Select a word or phrase. Encode that word or phrase by the Morse method. Record a rhythmic foundation in which the dash is represented by a long beat and the dot by a brief one. Use that rhythmic foundation as a loop for the length of your track, at the speed you desire — speed can vary over the length of the recording. Record accompanying drone/melodic material that takes the underlying rhythm as its compositional foundation.
Deadline: Monday, December 17, at 11:59pm wherever you are.
Length: Your finished work should be between 1 and 3 minutes in length.
Information: Please when posting your track on SoundCloud, include a description of your process in planning, composing, and recording it. This description is an essential element of the communicative process inherent in the Disquiet Junto.
Title/Tag: When adding your track to the Disquiet Junto group on Soundcloud.com, please include the term “disquiet0050-morsebeat” in the title of your track, and as a tag for your track.
Download: For this project, your track should be set as downloadable, and allow for attributed remixing (i.e., a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution).
Linking: When posting the track, be sure to include this information:
More on this 50th Disquiet Junto project at:
More details on the Disquiet Junto at:

This track began with Jason, both as the author and the Morse Code beat thumping throughout:

You'll hear this joined by a drone and then broken beats and some echo on a synth playing the intro to a Black Sabbath tune, then it drones a bit more and ends.

Holy Fuck, a band I'd like to see live

Nice work from Frankenmusik

Like the look of this new creation from Frankenmusik that's on Ebay right now.

Circuit bent omnichord

Bought this circuit bent Suzuki omnichord recently and am trying to avoid the cheese by using the MIDI.

One of the cool things about omnichords is the way they get you thinking about minor and seventh chords. I also like how the MIDI outputs on three channels with the strum notes, a three-note chord and a bassline.

Edit: Found this video of another circuit bent omnichord.

I heard he's in a metal band

Like this image from Bwana Spoons because I've always wanted to be in a metal band :)