Tiny Abode

Made a song from snippets of 2017!

The title is a play on the genre microhouse for the style of using short samples.

naviarhaiku237 – The distant mountains

The haiku this week reminded that I thought I could hear a dragonfly in this recording made at Ulupna Island.

It's the same recording that contributed a jumping fish to my "In Sea" Junto this week.

That fish might've been a Murray Cod, if only because that was the river.

Signature problem solved

That sort of plummy quality to early electronic music was just a technical problem they were trying to get around.

Mean a thing, it does not

Disquiet Junto 0342 In Sea

Record a piece of music in tribute to Terry Riley’s In C using only samples of water sounds.

These videos were collected at Valla Beach, Ebor Falls and on the Murray River at Ulupna Island.

The short loops were gated to produce rhythms, which also included resonators.