BAD DAD on the six-string electric bass

This six-string bass guitar has intimidated me every since I bought it on Ebay. The neck is so wide that I find I get lost while playing on it.

It's been good for creating a drone though and the other day I thought it would be interesting to tune it to BADDAD but mostly just because I think it's funny to say 'bad dad'.

As it turns out it's better tuned to BEADAD, which also sounds funny. 'Be a dad' -- it's like an encouragement to fertility, a variation on 'go forth and multiply'.

In practice the six-string bass guitar tuned BEADAD is a lot of fun. It reminds me of noodling on a mandolin, the right notes seem to appear under your fingers although it runs the risk of all sounding a bit same-ish.

Disco bassling

Here's a funky house bassling tune with a disco bassline that I recorded earlier in the year while on holiday at the beach.

Humankind is noodle kind. by bassling