Gear lust

Funny thing, I was filling in this survey and realised my studio must be getting close to being full. Sure, there's alwasy something I could spend money on but, if I think about the gear I own, I've probably got everything I need. Although a new pair of monitors would be nice :)

Good advice

Pic:A.Haddad I imagine that on the other side of this fence is a sign saying PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THE TROLLS!

Guetta blaster

Found here

Dictee through the rabbit hole delay

La Dictee Magique on the right and the new new toy is on the left.

Spunkytoofer have taken Boss' Pitchshifter pedal and created a sampler with incredibly musical filters.

They call it a rabbit hole delay and it's very trippy.

Conference of the birds mix

Four Tet is a phenomenal musician but his DJing is also sublime. This mix has the power to invoke flashbacks and I strongly encourage you to have a listen and see what imagery it inspires :)

Current set-up

This is me playing with myself. You'll hear I've added a couple of glitch effects.

The part is unrehearsed as I wanted to capture the beat-driven effects chain I've set up. The Korg Kaossilator beat triggers the guitar line through a Boss octave pedal and an Electro Harmonix HOG pedal on the kick and snare/high hat respectively.

It also triggers a Boss distortion pedal, which has that creamy Keely modification. And there's a Behringer reverb pedal too.

The trigger is done by running the Korg drum beat through a crossover, which then goes into the sidechain of a Behringer compressor. I've got the octave effects set after the trigger but I think it might've sounded better with them before it, so I'll rearranging things sometime soon. Pretty sure it'll mean less of that warbling sound in the bassline.
I've written about this beat-driven guitar effect chain earlier.

The tinnitus-inducing chord that's 'frozen' with the HOG early on eases up around the two-minute mark.

INXS mini-mix

This is a mix of INXS singles I prepared for an online collaboration.

While the video is over eight minutes long, the audio version is precisely seven minutes as the collaboration calls for people to mix this much music from an artist or band to give a representation of their material.

INXS are (were?) a phenomenal Australian pop/rock band. These singles show their chops, including my favourite 'New Sensation'.

Their songwriting is perfect for commercial radio in having a tempo you can tap your foot to, short stops and pauses in the verses, call and response choruses, a sexy singer who grunts and pants in between saucy lyrics along with the interplay of well-thought out arrangements which maximise the sonic structure of the song.

The sax and harmonica parts seem a bit dated but overall I think these songs are ageing well.

You can hear the full mix of seven-minute mixes that this INXS mix is part of below.

7MMX: 7 Minute Mix 10 (mixed by huskiii) by 7MM