INXS mini-mix

This is a mix of INXS singles I prepared for an online collaboration.

While the video is over eight minutes long, the audio version is precisely seven minutes as the collaboration calls for people to mix this much music from an artist or band to give a representation of their material.

INXS are (were?) a phenomenal Australian pop/rock band. These singles show their chops, including my favourite 'New Sensation'.

Their songwriting is perfect for commercial radio in having a tempo you can tap your foot to, short stops and pauses in the verses, call and response choruses, a sexy singer who grunts and pants in between saucy lyrics along with the interplay of well-thought out arrangements which maximise the sonic structure of the song.

The sax and harmonica parts seem a bit dated but overall I think these songs are ageing well.

You can hear the full mix of seven-minute mixes that this INXS mix is part of below.

7MMX: 7 Minute Mix 10 (mixed by huskiii) by 7MM