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Disquiet Junto 0517 Inside Out


This weekend I'm away from home and, while the passing trucks and trains speak to the Junto theme of civilisation, when I heard the microwave I knew it was the sound I want to share. 

My microwave at home sounds like a truck backing up, so the chip-tune melodies played by this little oven are delightful.

Modern composers

Disquiet Junto 0516 Outside In

When the Junto arrived this week, I was sitting at work and remembered a recording I'd made of cicadas while working at Griffith Pioneer Park Museum. 

I've uploaded the file here if anyone wants to use for the next Junto assignment.


From the ground up

Long Distance Dan is one of my favourite producers and we both contribute to the Shinobi Cuts Remix Chains.

Recently he asked for a bassline and our collaboration can be heard on his latest release.

Disquiet Junto 0515 Talking Cure

The Disquiet Junto prompt this week is to write a piece of music for a psychotherapist's office.

While I've never been in a psychotherapist's office, my impression is that it'd be good to have something ambient with enough variation to mask the possibility of hearing a voice from the next room.

Last weekend a swarm of bees arrived at the end of my driveway and I'd been looking for an opportunity to incorporate this recording into something.

I liked the idea that one might be eased out of the bustle of daily life by hearing something more bustling than human life.

As I listened to the looped bees I turned to the bowed vibraphone samples that are one of my favourite ambient instruments.

After exporting a two-minute version to loop, I realised it didn't work as seamlessly as I'd like.

So I went back and created this four-minute version, which was almost the limit of my bee recording.

Thank you

Disquiet Junto 0514 Chord Channels

The Disquiet Junto project this week is to "Take two chords and connect them over time."

I chose Dm and G, then played them on the guitar picking out notes and shifting between them.

The result doesn't have the sustain needed, I think.

I've used the MIDI to add M-Tron and re-amped the electric guitar, which is nice but feels like it could use something more.