naviarhaiku408 – noon stillness

The haiku shared by Naviar really hit a target in terms of prompting me to create a piece of music.

Earlier this year I saw my first lyrebird at Dunn's Swamp outside Kandos.

I was visiting as part of a residency with RealArtWorks for the Cementa festival and we were working to the brief Disco Concrète.

This haiku reminded me I hadn't manipulated the lyrebird recording, so I tried to create a piece of dance music using some of the bird's phrases.

I've got that on vinyl

Disquiet Junto 0513 Ghost OST

The Disquiet Junto prompt this week is "It is Halloween. Make some holiday-specific background music."

For some reason I thought it would be interesting to use the Fisher Price clock, maybe it's because the song is about someone dying.

Anyway, I like the idea of working with it to try and make something spooky and atmospheric.

More than meets the ear

Disquiet Junto 0511 Freeze Tag


The Disquiet Junto prompt this week is to "Consider freezing (and thawing) as a metaphor for music production."
While I was pondering how to respond, it started raining and the overflowing gutters were catching the sunlight.

I set-up a camera to film it and decided it would be a visual prompt to make an icy-sounding piece of music.

When the violin solo is so damn lit

naviarhaiku404 – A red sun

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week prompted me to make a short meandering bassline.

When I went to to find a video to go with it, I found a trailer to an unlikely western.

So I took that video into Ableton Live and rejigged my bassline to go with the little bit of soundtrack it contained, then ramped up the vibe a bit. 


Feel somewhat attacked by this meme, since I also made a three-hour ambient album.

In my defence it was back in 2010.

Sometimes I think about revisiting it to see if I can do a better job of mastering the recording, which became irritating with compression.

Disquiet Junto 0509 The Long Detail

The Disquiet Junto project this week is to "Create a piece of music with moments from a preexisting track." 

I've selected a couple of moments from my Naviar Haiku track last week, then arranged those loops into a verse/chorus/verse/chorus kind of song.

To make it a little more interesting, I've also looped a couple of moments from the MIDI guitar part and used these to drive a toy piano (that windchime-like sound) and a Mellotron (sorta like a string quartet, I think).

The result simplifies a busy but meandering track, although both songs seem like they're a soundtrack waiting for activity to accompany.

This piece feels like it could use a bass part but I guess it will do for now.