The Disquiet Junto this week was an interesting exercise involving interpreting a map as a score.

It stumped me but I was also preoccupied with another project too. Eventually a modulated high-hat kept coming into mind and this kinda directed the result because I settled on using samples from an old song with a similar sound called Slow boil with a few soft synths too.

And then I thought it needed to sound gritty and earthy.

Around the house

This week's Disquiet Junto was a return to remixing field recordings and, because the instructions referred to both knocking (here on doors and windows) and a microwave, I used these along with a looped voice. I unfairly identified my kids as an intrusion, so you can hear my eldest playing Zelda and then the others knocking on the door. I won't complain but it's been a long week.

Sense the wind

This morning I scored the trailer above for this week's Disquiet Junto project.

Sorry for the quality of the sounds, I composed and produced this in under three hours while I had a little time to myself. The clean guitar part heard halfway and at the end would've been a synth, if I'd had a bit more time.

When I saw the trailer I thought it looked like a human interest story until I considered how exhilarating racing on water must be. Then all I could hear was big drums with a Rage Against The Machine-style guitar riff, the latter played through my Giant Cooter.

Simply sublime

Was reminded of the Aphex Twin piece above when Tim posted this Steve Reich recently.