YOUR mega-mix

Here's a mix of tracks from my sophomore album YOUR, introduced by a sample from Sandy Harbutt's classic Australian biker movie STONE.

Slow boil

Slow boil is now the lead song on SHAKES, since I dropped Postal off the Bandcamp release.

This video was first rendered in June 2005 and I thought it needed something but never got back to it. With the re-release of SHAKES I've literally rescued it from the rubbish bin, having yanked the DVD it was on out of my wheelie bin this morning.

Mountford Park (FANKX remix)

The first of the remixes I've been soliciting arrived and it's HUGE! Fankx have brought their hype production to Leeton's premier playground, resulting in a remix that's going to annoy my neighbours as I play it over the home PA today. Cheers Julz!

You can hear the original track below.

Postal, a banging track

Postal is an early tune, based on looped samples, that got a lot of positive response when it dropped in 2004. It was on my debut album SHAKES but I lopped it off the Bandcamp release because it's not entirely my own work.

Just between you and me, there are some samples in it which come from copyrighted materials.

SHAKES now online (again)

In preparation for the release of my new album of remixed playgrounds, I've put my debut back online to see how Bandcamp works.

SHAKES was published in November 2004 on my former university's servers and they continued to host it up until last year, which was kind of them.

Below is a video made for the last track on the album, Postmortemism.

Le Rondo Des Sirènes remix

Seems procrastination was the order of the day today.

While I should've been working on a park remix or editing a video, I remixed a song called Le Rondo Des Sirènes by Joachim De Lux.

However, my dubby reverie was soon undone when I heard the following.

Great work Harry!

Oceandrift out now

Oceandrift is an interesting collaboration I've been involved with through the Ninja Tune forum.

About a year ago Kelp put forward this idea to develop a project where people remixed the previous track, so it would chart a daisy chain as producers picked apart and reassembled sounds and added new elements.

When I remixed my section last year it was the first remix I'd done in ages and, aside from being philosophical about my role, it was a bug that bit me and I started developing my project to remix parks and playgrounds in Leeton -- which will be out next month.

Over the years the Ninja Tune forum has seen a variety of these types of remix compilations, from seven-minute mixes of selected artists to remix competitions where the winner would offer a track and judge the responses (actually, this was about a decade ago and I wish there were more of them) to another one where people got the previous bar and created a four-bar contribution, which overlapped with the last bar and you passed your last bar along to the next producer.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to listening to the result of this remix project now the compilation is online. The Oceandrift is now adrift! Kelp paid to have the whole thing mastered and, judging by what I've heard of my track, the engineer did a great job. So please, have a listen and consider making a financial contribution.

And you can hear a bit of my track in this video too :)

Or hear clips from the Ocean Drift album via the following.

Current set-up

Had a another jam with my theremin, bass guitar and circuit bent drum machine yesterday.

Might work on it a bit and add some effects. The track could use an edit too, especially the red herring at the beginning. It's an improvised performance but I'm really happy with it and am fuckin'lovin' this sound :)

16 June 2012 by bassling

Ravish-ing theremin bass and drums

It seems that months of unplugging and plugging in different pedals and signals has paid off. The chain of effects in this video have got me more excited about any other set-up in recent memory. I'll just have to make the most of recording it before the rot sets in and I start unplugging parts of it.

Few more favourite things

Here's a few of my favourite free audio plug-ins:

Yohng W1 Limiter
George Yohng has provided an immense service in the form of a free alternative to the Waves L1 limiter. It's great for smoothing transients. For a long time I put this on every track and sometimes even the master too.

Luxonix LFX-1310
You know that tinny radio sound that sounds great on vocals or the master bus just before a big dynamic stab or for a build-up? This does that and a heap more.

Audio Damage Rough Rider
Great on drums, vocals, leads and for taming freak-out moments. Lots of character but it flattens higher frequencies, so not so great on the master.

Ohmforce Frohmage
This filter is fierce and displays a lot of the Ohmforce flavour that makes their VST effects so distinctive and desirable.

Another week, another jam

You can sorta see the circuit bent Speak and Spell in the foreground and the blue shape is one of Spunkytoofer's Rabbit Hole delays.

You can hear a circuit bent Yamaha DD9 going into a Electro Harmonix Ring Thing pedal and the drone comes from Harmonix' Ravish pedal, which is being driven by a badly played theremin.

These are a few of my favorite things

Starting with a few hardware effects I thought I'd write a few words on some of my favourite bits of gear.

FMR Audio's Really Nice Compressor lives up to its name. It's a transparent compressor, especially when you engage the 'Super Nice' function.

There are a few different brands of bass synthesiser pedals but the Behringer one is my favourite because it sounds more musical than others I've heard and, if you add an expression pedal, it'll do a good fuzz wah. The freeze function is pretty cool too but mostly I use this pedal for wub-wub bass sounds and bleeps.

The Ring Thing is primarily a ring modulator and a tune-able one at that, which makes the crunchy effect a lot more musical. I like running drum machines through it at present but have also found it good on guitar and great on bass. It's capable of a wide variety of modulations, including phasing and chorus, as well as some cool octave effects.

Hey ya

Posted a pic of this effects chain the other day, here's how it sounds when I sing 'hey ya' into it over and over again.