VIBRATING by bassling

Here's part of the three-hour ambient drone soundscape I've edited together for the 2010 RPM Challenge.

You can hear a variety of birdsong along with 'the wires' -- a large-scale aeolian harp built by Alan Lamb and Scott Baker for the Unsound Festival. See for more on this amazing instrument.

A recording from late 2007 can be heard or downloaded below.

041207PM by bassling

IK Multimedia still suck

Amplitube continues to pox my Cubase. Thankfully it'll boot up though, my RPM Challenge project is coming along. Looks like I'll have a three-hour ambient opus by the end of the month.

Of all my VSTs only one is crashing Cubase

And, fuck it, Cubase is what I'm using for my RPM project.

IK Multimedia, get your act together.

RPM Challenge

Just signed up for the RPM Challenge. I'm hoping it will motivate me to finish an album of ambient field recordings.

Funny thing is that when I signed up for the Challenge in 2008, it was to clear my head of some tunes I was playing on the guitar so I could proceed with this project. I was also procrastinating on the Boxgum EP, which has since been released commercially.

Below is a video I made at the end of February in 2008: