naviarhaiku320 – the last kite

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week led me to consider the image of the glow of sunset on the wings of a kite.

The idea of the light being reflected led me to double the feedback part in the song.

Hi, 911?

Disquiet Junto 0425 Crop Score

The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants to "Consider the idea of a crop circle as a graphically notated musical composition."

Because the image shared reminded me of cymbals, I decided it was appropriate to record crushing drums.

The cymbals got a walloping, so much so that I broke a drumstick.

Then I recorded a MIDI guitar part and ran it through a couple of synths, aiming for something celestial.

naviarhaiku319 – Memories of spring

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week must be a nice reminder for their audience in the northern hemisphere that winter will eventually pass.

As the rains continued this week, I was reminded that the spring break for showers has been pushed back into summer.

It's been feeling a bit tropical with the resulting humidity and I was sweating profusely when I recorded this piece.

At the time I was amusing myself between takes for the Disquiet Junto project, but the arrival of an unregistered motorcycle wanting to use the footbridge ended my recording session.

The haiku's line "Always present" seemed appropriate for the feeling that one can't escape the noise of motorised vehicles.

My goldfish

Layered Air

After finishing my Disquiet Junto track this week, I applied the technique shared by Brian Crabtree in project 223 and layered all the takes -- including the interruption at the end.

Seven bad dwarves

Disquiet Junto 0424 Fluctuating Rhythm

The Disquiet Junto this week was proposed by Jonathon Keats, who instructed "employing nature as your conductor."

I settled on a simple chord progression, since I planned to layer the recordings afterwards.

For the location I settled on a nearby water view, showing an irrigation channel.

I worked from the feeling of the breeze on my face, since I couldn't look away from my picking hand for long.

Industrial musicians

naviarhaiku318 – in the beach breeze

This haiku shared by Naviar Records this week inspired me to try a ska feel.

Hey man

Disquiet Junto 0423 Hold Noise

The Disquiet Junto this week asks for "a short piece of music intended to sound just as garbled as the hold music on a modern phone call. Think of this as “hold noise.”"

I started recording a piece, then realised this week was more about the treatment than the composition.

So I turned to a piece of ukulele that was recorded recently and garbled it using a few plug-ins.

Some of you

naviarhaiku317 – not heard my breath

When the haiku arrived, I was jamming on a bassline and thought I'd record it.

Then I began looking at the ukulele chord chart to see what would go with it, when I found a different chord progression that I couldn't stop thinking about.

Before long I was drafting lyrics inspired by the haiku to suit the chords, but I haven't recorded them because I don't have enough time to develop this song right now.

The result is a bit messy and I've tried to add energy with dynamics.