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Disquiet Junto 0334 Mass Branca

The Junto this week remembers Glenn Branca with a multi-layered piece of music using a single sound source.

After revisiting the 'layered sameness' Junto last week, I found inspiration in a chord progression that I thought would suit that approach.

Naviarhaiku228 – A snail

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week prompted me to think about something glistening and led me to revisit a multilayered approach I learned from the 'Layered Sameness' Disquiet Junto.

Talent is...

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Disquiet Junto 0333 Half Evil

The Junto this week asks for a piece of music that could be described as half evil.

I had a funky 12-bar blues riff that I thought would sound a bit evil with a drop D-tuned guitar part.

The result sounds a little like Queens of the Stone Age to me, which might be considered half evil.


Naviarhaiku227 – Morning coolness

It's not the most obvious association but this haiku shared by Naviar Records this week reminded me of a song I wrote about a decade ago but never recorded.

Something in the image of a spider web blowing in the breeze reminded me of the lyrics I'd written about a weed known as Hairy Panic, presumably because when it gets in your trousers it feels like an army of spiders climbing your leg.

In an effort to avoid forgetting the lyrics, I published them on my ShowcaseJase blog a couple of years ago.

I relished the opportunity to record each part in a single take. This meant recording up to half a dozen times and you can hear some of those other takes accompanying those shown in the videos, with both the vocal and guitar part supported with two takes each panned to widen the track.


Please subscribe to the Bassling Youtube channel, if nothing else it will help stop my kids from laughing at me.

Disquiet Junto 0332 Lucky Numbers

The Junto this week asks how a string of numbers might inform a short musical composition and directs participants to research recent lottery results.

For a while I tried to find something musical in the Lotto numbers, experimenting with numbers of bars and equations to reveal time signatures or BPMs.

Then I decided to search for the numbers in my back-up files and selected the first video from the results for each.

This material was then remixed.

Many of the source files came from previous Junto projects, one is a television commercial that I didn't have any role in but ended up in my files because I contributed other videos to Bidgee Binge programs.

I wanted to get a different file but it was the only result and in the end provided a fat kick.

One highlight was hearing my partner ask "Is that Cliff Martinez?" while I was working on it.

Struggling with guitar AF

My friend Gypsy is learning guitar and I think she's going to struggle with A and F chords

Confucius say

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.

Disquiet Junto 0331 Born Under a Bad Sine

The Disquiet Junto this week asks "What does it sound like when a robot has the blues?"

If I were programming a robot to deal with the blues, I'd instruct it to dance.

You're only ever a few minutes from happiness if you have a song you like to dance to.

I've recorded a few riffs on my MIDI guitar and then sought a few robot-like presets.

Video comes courtesy of NASA.