Disquiet Junto 0604 Heaven’s Gate

The Disquiet Junto assignment this week asks participants to "Use a picture of the clouds as a plan for adjusting your sound."

It's been a long time between Juntos, the longest in nearly ten years; but I've been keen to get back.

Marc shared a photo of clouds that reminded me of a clock and the title said gate, so I ended up thinking about gating the sound of the chimes I heard while volunteering at the front desk of a museum on the weekend.

The snippets of sound that broke through seemed ripe for delay and then I added back in the clock to make sense of it all near the end.

Gibb's son

I'd love to add The Bee Gees to my effects chain.

Seriously, I spent many years dancing to a copy of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Recently I saw a doco on them and found myself admiring their harmonies, songwriting and a joyful jam that led to 'Jive Talking'.

Not my pic but I'd like a fuzz pedal just to see their eyes light-up to my music!

World Listening Day

This morning I heard a Pied Butcherbird singing outside my office, so I attempted to make conversation with a renowned songbird and appreciated that it entertained my efforts.