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Disquiet Junto 0630 Creative Sufficiency

The Disquiet Junto prompt this week invites participants to set a limit on the items they'll use.

As I had a bunch of gear plugged together, it wasn’t too hard to take a guess what I’d use and then add a few more for mastering the result. 

There was a loop that I’d already made in Live that used three instruments and seemed, um, sufficient. 

The prompt this week reminds me why I plugged these items together, as I’d been looking for a way to get more use from them but didn’t want to start an open-ended project that didn’t get a result. 

So, to limit my opportunity to start planning all the things I could use, I set myself a constraint by deciding the items needed to fit within the bread crate.

My folder of unfinished songs


naviarhaiku525 – vernal seas

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week prompted me to think of a delay that I recently bought.

I have too many delay pedals and am thinking about selling a couple, but this one has a novel interface with a joystick to manipulate the repeats. 

This is also the first time I've recorded my secondhand Eastwood tenor guitar.

Are you sure?

Disquiet Junto 0629 Jigsaw Logic


The Disquiet Junto project this week is a remix, so I've revisited a track that was recorded while on a residency in Stuart Town last year.

Disquiet Junto 0628 Alchemical Brothers


The Disquiet Junto prompt this week invites an alchemical process into one's music-making.

I worked from the assumption that drums are good and 303 too, then arrived at acoustic and digital instruments in conjunction.

naviarhaiku522 – lightning

The haiku shared by Naviar Records arrived as I was challenging myself to record a song.

Part of my process was to limit the number of inputs to suit the six-channel mixer.

So I decided to put everything into a bread crate, which turned out great as you can poke leads out through the grate at the bottom.

The song was something I'd partly sketched earlier in the year and one of a number that I hope to realise with this collection of instruments and effects.

There's a Roland TR-707 on drums that I should use more often, as well as a Novation Mininova and Korg NTS-1 that were both also being neglected.

First world problems


Disquiet Junto 0627 Just Ice Society


The Junto begins each year with the direction to "record the sound of ice cubes in a glass and make something with it" (or something like that, I forget!)

Some years ago I recorded my out-laws' glasses to make this project more convenient, as it often occurs around the hottest day of the year and they have air-conditioning that's quieter than mine.

I was really sloppy with the ice cubes as they sound better slurping around and even better when they fall on the carpet.

Those moments I've repitched to become snare and kick parts in the percussion.