I think it was among Tim Prebble's Detritus that I saw this

It was saved to my folder of music memes, but the more I look at it that the more it makes new meaning.

So many recordings I've over-twiddled with settings, so opening a round of Solitaire to occupy away some thought makes a lot of sense to me.

Disquiet Junto 0638 Center (3 of 3)


For the Disquiet Junto project this week I added to recordings from previous weeks. 

Drums seemed an obvious contribution to make and, after listening through the tracks, I settled on 'Ataxophobia' by Encym and Jimmy Lem.

It took me a while to realise that I'd used Encym's track the week earlier, but by then I was almost finished.

naviarhaiku532 – Wordless


I liked the image of following a butterfly's shadown in the haiku shared by Naviar Records.

It'd be great to be able to film that movement, but it seems like it'd require some time in my garden.

Maybe that'd be a good thing, as it's starting to feel like autumn.

Anyway, this track is an example of my recent interest in 6/4 time signatures.

A sound recipe

Fragments of Eduard Artemyev's score for the film "Solaris" for ANS synthesizer.


Disquiet Junto 0637 Right (2 of 3)


I've recorded a bass part to accompany 'Neat Disorder' by encym. 

Then I added a bass part to Undermulden's 'Splong'.

Disquiet Junto 0636 Left (1 of 3)

The Disquiet Junto project this week is to "Record the first third of a trio."

Drums are a good place to start and I've been jamming along with a pop song this week.

So I quickly set up a Rode NT4 mic for overheads and used a bass speaker to record the kick.

These will be made available for the Junto to add parts in coming weeks.



Is Google broken?

Went looking for one of my videos yesterday and Google had nothing.

It seems remarkable that I've had the URL for around two decades and used Blogger for almost as long and been on Youtube since 2006 or so.

Then again, maybe it's that their algorithm prioritises recent content.

So now I'm wondering if I should remaster my older material and re-upload it?

I can accept that not many people are looking for Bassling videos, but it's important for me that they can be found.

As a regional artists it makes it very difficult to convince funding bodies to support my projects if the dominant search engine hides my material.

I'm sorry that

Disquiet Junto 0635 ’Round the Bend

The Disquiet Junto project this week is to imagine your bandmate is a train.

For various reasons I decided to use my own recording of a passing diesel locomotive. 

This recording was made at Ramponi Park about a dozen years ago.

Ableton Live decided the tempo was around 122 BPM and I wanted a nostalgic sorta vibe.

Originally the chords were played with Live's vibraphone instrument, as I saw a performance last weekend that used this instrument.

Then, as I decided on the vibe (no pun intended), I swapped it for M-Tron Pro and also used that VST for the melody.