Disquiet Junto 0186 My Name

I've always wanted a theme song. One that could play like a soundtrack heralding my arrival in a room or a party. The Disquiet Junto project this week could be that song.

Early on I decided that a 5/4 time signature would suit repeating the five letters of my name. The drum beat came next, inspired by an Amon Tobin track. Then I used the MIDI for the beat to play the synth part. It all came together quickly.

This piece reminds me of an earlier Junto project that spelt my name using Morse code, which ended up on my album WHILE.

While on holiday

There was a creek crossing near where I was camping in southern Queensland. It had a pipe that made a droning kinda gurgle. I noticed that there seemed to be a few frogs around and wondered if they were attracted by the noise.