If you draw

Disquiet Junto 0478 Collage of Collages

The Disquiet Junto activity this week is a musical collage and I've layered up some of my more ambient recordings from last year. 

Wanted for new supergroup

naviarhaiku373 – A lost child crying

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week prompted me to go back to an earlier draft of a song.

I have the reversed bossanova riff and decided the haiku needed a vocal part, so I found the voice sample.

The 'stumbling over the dark fields' line prompted the chaotic drums and then the uneven looped bass part.

Again I've added a burlesque video and I like the energy it brings.

Dad doesn't want a cat

naviarhaiku372 – One traveller

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week opened a variety of interpretations.

My inspiration was the Knifonium synth I bought recently, which made me want to use the warm sound to create a track like James Holden.

His album The Idiots Are Winning is a classic.

The haiku suggested something with a crescendo, like swelling waves.

And I guess Betty Page looks like she's thinking about swimming :)

Disquiet Junto 0477 Flying Blind

The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants to record without looking.

I've revisited the "layered sameness" technique from the Junto project proposed by Brian Crabtree.

Been a while since I played guitar, so there are a few bum notes.

Disquiet Junto 0476 IAH Forecast

This week the Disquiet Junto project harks back to the early Insta/gr/ambient direction and, while I didn't participate in the first one in 2011, I can think of at least one previous response to an image.

The photo (right) shows Houston, Texas, by Robert Boyd.

I've remixed my recent track for the Naviar Haiku and edited the lyrics I wrote about climate change because the image looks like the bushfire smoke seen in Australia about a year ago. 

naviarhaiku371 – Heavenly creatures

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week was asking for more burlesque.

Again I've turned to M-Tron for inspiration, from the initial cha cha loop to the choir, then ended up with a more dance-oriented track.

The bassline started with one of the Ableton Live drumkits and then was enhanced with Pendulate by Newfangled Audio.

naviarhaiku370 – Since my house burned down

The haiku shared by Naviar Records inspired a rush of thoughts.

At once I was thinking how the planet is burning and the moon shifts the tides and how humans are largely made of water.

As a result the song has lyrics that reflect all these ideas and a video of a burlesque dancer. 

Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Seven years of Naviar Haiku

Great to be part of the Naviar Records community and appear on their recent compilation.

Disquiet Junto 0475 Low End

I quickly read over Marc’s email and knew exactly what I wanted to do for the Junto this week. In fact, I could see this track before I heard it. 

I’ve taken my drums from the first round and added them to my accompaniment of Noimspartacus’ Orphaned Loop from the second round. Then added a lot of fuzz to everything! 

Looking back over the email, I can see it’s not following the directions but I’ll do a better job for my next submission.

For my second remix I've added a bassline and drum beat to 'Trei' by Ohm Research and Undermulden and High Towers and Deep Wells.

Their track has been reversed and I'm not not totally happy with how mushy the bottom sounds but have run out of patience trying to fix it.

Disquiet Junto 0474 Police Action

For my second Disquiet Junto response this week, I've added bass to the collaboration between Untilled Sound and k-blamo. 

This one took a little while to get the levels right and I mixed in some distortion to help, as well as reverb.

I've uploaded the audio here