Credit to Marc Weidenbaum for another fun Junto project, which involved remixing the music made last time.
This week’s project, the 103rd, is based on last week’s, the 102nd. The instructions are as follows:
Step 1: Select three different works from last week’s project, as collected at this URL:
Step 2: Label them Source A, B, and C.
Step 3: Create an underlying foundation for a song by creating a loop-able segment structured as follows: four beats of Source A, four beats of Source B, four beats of Source A, four beats of Source C.
Step 4: Let that loop repeat twice before introducing any additional elements.
Step 5: Continue to loop the segment and augment/distort/filter it as you so desire, and introduce any additional material, toward the goal of creating an original piece of music.
Bonus Round: If you are inclined, create a chorus for the song by holding Source B for an extended period of time, and create a bridge by holding Source C for an extended period of time. Again, feel free to augment/distort/filter them.

After listening to the tracks recorded for the last Junto, I downloaded a bunch and began selecting bars. There was one false start that I couldn't get to sound pleasing, then an early second draft that got too busy.

So I stripped it back and then the samples sounded better next to each other. Then I began pursuing the 'bonus round' after settling on a bassline.

The resulting track sounded a bit empty and I considered writing lyrics to sing before remembering the piano part that had added a lot of harmonic interest when I started layering up samples. The percussion part was MIDI but the bassplaying is mine.