Sonic Tinsel

Another week, another Junto:

When the Junto email arrived I was riffing on these chords, arpeggiating them on the bass. So I seized on the opportunity to work with these notes.

The next morning I settled on the arrangement and plugged the notes into Live as MIDI but, whether it was the quantised delivery or the VST instrument, it sounded uninspired. So I settled on playing it on the bass and began practicing.

Around this time I thought it would be fun to make another video, like last week. (Although last week I had that idea because the workflow was going to be like my park remix project.) Thought I'd have to match the video and the audio, until it occurred to me to record audio with my SLR camera.

I used a guitar amp's headphone output as a pre-amp for my semi-acoustic Ashton bass guitar, which has flatwound strings. It's my cheapest bass but has a lot going for it, such as three very different-sounding pick-ups -- including one near the neck.

My friend Scott arrived about then, so I put off recording and kept practicing the arpeggio.

On Sunday I began recording and gave myself a bit of time to get used to playing in front of my camera. Once I got the levels and the performance right, I realised it kinda plodded along.

So I began experimenting with other ways of delivering the notes and arrived at the rhythm you can hear. I almost added a fingersnap accompaniment but it kinda underscored where my tempo drifts. Should've recorded it first to play along to. Maybe next time.

P.S. Love this remix by MIDIpunk for the 103rd Disquiet Junto, which remixed the sonic tinsel into a tinselsong: