Disquiet Junto 0545 Unself-Awareness

When I mentioned to Marc that I'd taken note of the constructive criticism offered by the Junto last week, I think I also wrote that I'd incorporated the ideas into a new track.

So I'm only cheating a little bit by offering this new song for the Junto activity this week, as it follows the directions by choosing "feedback, and think about how you might apply it to your own music."

Which specific feedback?

See the comments quoted here.

While I rushed my Junto track last week, this time I spent a while trying to get something sorta lyrical.

The melody reminded me of the song from a blackbird during spring.

My partner isn't so keen on blackbirds, but I was pleased to see one has returned to our backyard in recent weeks.

Hope to hear him singing through the early hours when the weather eventually begins to warm again.

Spring mornings
blackbird sings
demanding sex