Disquiet Junto 0519 Looking Glass Remix

This is my 300th video for the Disquiet Junto and it remixes material from around the time I started following their prompts.

It was 2012 and I was about a year into my project to remix Leeton's playgrounds for the town's centenary.

I'd quit my job and was following the one idea I thought was good.

It's funny but this is one of a couple of attempts at Junto projects before properly joined when I published the Tanku remix.

Then I started producing video responses to the Junto prompts with number 100, which was driven by disillusionment with Soundcloud.

One observation is the workflow is a lot quicker to produce a video now, particularly thanks to Ableton Live's video editing capabilities and my 2019 model Mac Mini.

I made a dubstep track and that seems suitably 2012.

This video was largely produced using Live and took less than a day using the raw recordings, whereas I think the earlier Enticknap Park track took a few days to complete.