AND, 15: Antipodean In The Antipodes

You know, I think I might've found a track that needs more work. Listening back to this video makes me wonder if I might've overcooked this merging of two Disquiet Junto projects (107 + 115). Dunno.

The original Junto asked for a track responding to the rhythms of wind chimes, which I think was something Aphex Twin has done but I'm not sure since Marc's book is more about the album after it's release than the background ( -- so this track sorta thematically follows on from Background Beats!). I ventured out to collect samples and also managed to borrow a nice set of chimes from my outlaws.

Soon after a Junto asked for a performance accompanying a song in the next room. I played drums along to the wind chimes, although I didn't plan much for it and my timing drifts.

A bit later I had the idea of combining the tracks. Then I made the video above, then I started putting together the AND album and it was suggested to me that my drumming drifted too much. This led to extensive editing and experimentation in making the drums better support the wind chimes. Did I go too far? There's something about the production that reminds me of a couple of Ninja Tune tracks circa Funkungfusion, I like that.