AND, 19: Here Comes A Train

Alright, the penultimate track on AND is a remix of a story being read at my local library. The Junto was in June and asked for the beeps which accompany checking out a book but the award-winning Saturday morning story sessions were what came to mind. It was an interesting exercise to remix a different kind of field recording.

The sound of the story concluding leads into a remix of the material, with drones and a simple beat constructed using Ableton Live. The Junto only allowed for one minute of library and one minute of making something out of it, so on the album I've extended the track a little although I don't think it adds much to it. My partner reckons it's one of her favourite tracks and I wonder if this might be influenced by the familiar voices. Leeton is a small town, so I recognise Sandra the librarian and Cade, who shares a class with one of my kids.