Disquiet Junto 145 / Naviar Haiku 40 There’s a Lifetime In

This week the Disquiet Junto asked for a track inspired by a haiku. Image shown with Marc Weidenbaum's poem is by Geir Tønnessen.

This morning I recorded the two clicks of a screen door lock. Then I worked on a few riffs that showed promise. Then I decided I was being too literal in my interpretation of a track inspired by the poem shown above.

Then I remembered the track I'd started making last night. It was sorta inspired by the riffs I've been riffing but for some reason I decided to try a 3/4 time signature. I think the deep-ish house track is now a waltz. Is waltzhouse a thing?

There are only a few parts. The bassline started as an accordion, then in a later draft I started using an analogue-flavoured preset in Massive. The chord progression is mirrored on Operator and Phosphor synths.

The drums were originally 808 but I swapped for one of Ableton's 909 kits later. I think the dance-y direction this week was influenced by listening to dance music last weekend at Burning Seed, particularly a psytrance-y set at dawn on the morning of my birthday. That was pretty cool.